Jun 22

Life Is Full of Tough Choices, Isn’t It?

Yes, I am quoting Ursula from the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.” We do that often around here. (“The Little Mermaid” is one of the eight movies you have to see to be a real Firestone.) Why am I quoting Ursula? Because I’m having trouble making a choice on sashing colors for my Scrap in a Box quilt. Here are some of the fabrics I have tried starting with an overall look at my Scrap in a Box blocks on the design wall:


Below is gold Fairy Frost. I don’t like the gold and I actually don’t really think the Fairy Frost idea works in this quilt – which is something you won’t read from me very often. Fairy Frost is my fave!IMG_2759

Below here is a brownish Fairy Frost. We all know I don’t like brown. I’m thinking I bought this one because it reminded me of Coca Cola.


Here is a lavender Fairy Frost.IMG_2765

Then I got dramatic and tried black. I don’t hate it but…IMG_2768

This is a goldish yellow, and it is a definite no!IMG_2770

Deep purple.IMG_2771

Deep royal blueIMG_2773

A lighter yellowIMG_2774

An orangey pinkIMG_2775

A lighter yellowIMG_2777


An even lighter yellowIMG_2779

White, which I expected to like better than I do.IMG_2782

To be honest, I ruled out all the Fairy Frost because I think this quilt needs the slight calming of a solid. I like the deep purple and the red and a couple of the lighter yellows. So, opinions anyone?

Quilt on!



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  1. nonniequiltingdreams

    As I have said before …. I am not a purple person but I like either the dark blue or the purple … BUT it is hard to tell on a monitor and not looking straight on …. try putting your favorite on a design wall and living with it for a while.

  2. Marlies Mansveld

    My choice would be the deep blue, but it’s your quilt! Which is beautiful by the way!

  3. Kati R.

    I agree with the others, my two cents lay with the deep purple and dark blue as I can’t tell them apart on my phone screen. Although I also like the lightest yellow, but that doesn’t give enough contrast to the blocks. Best of luck with the decision 🙂

  4. jberdych

    I think I would do the blue.

  5. sandydh

    You already know my opinion. Hasn’t changed seeing these pics, although it was a lot easier to look at in this blog post than in successive twitter posts!

  6. shamsaszauberfaden

    I am for the red. I really think this needs a strong sashing color. Purple would be another favorite of mine. But don’t rush it. Put it up, look at it occasionally and you will find out.

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