Life’s Full of Tough Choices, Isn’t It?

Let me say right up front that I may be borrowing trouble here. I don’t know that I’ll really have any tough choices to make today, but I don’t really want to be caught unprepared. With that disclaimer, off we go!

Yesterday, I finally took my machine to the doctor. Today after 2, I get to call back and get the estimate. Now, maybe you know what my dilemma is.

I bought this machine when I took my first quilting class 7+ years ago. It is a White Quilter’s Star 1760 and I paid about $300 for it. The tension on it has never been quite right, which, until recently after lots of tension research, I thought was my problem, not the machine’s.

So, of course, the dilemma is: how much do I pay to fix this machine? How much is it worth? If I knew for sure that I still have a job come fall (and I won’t know the answer to that for at least another week), this would be a no brainer. But I don’t. Sigh.

Any suggestions, anyone? I sort of figure that if the repairs are $100 or less, I go for it. After that it gets very murky. HEEELLLLLLLP!

3 thoughts on “Life’s Full of Tough Choices, Isn’t It?

  1. How much do you love the machine? Do you just love it and want it back or is there another machine you would like? I just had this delemna with my vehicle – the repairs would cost more than the worth of the car. I would have had to use my visa to pay for repairs so instead of making payment to my visa for 6 months, I decided I’d rather make a car payment and get a more reliable car. Make a list of pro’s and con’s and good luck.

  2. Is it awful that I’m really disappointed that the repair bill came in well under what I thought would make it reasonable to repair instead of replace? I think this means I’d better start saving my money, because apparently I want a new one.

  3. WHEN I was younger I bought several low end machines that lasted a few years then broke down. In 1985 I bought a MEMORY CRAFT 1600 (JANOME) and I still have it… My daughter uses it. I have never regretted biting the bullet and buying the machine.. It had taken 18 months to pay it off. But back then the store held the machine till it was paid off. No interest involved.

    I recommend buying the best machine you can afford… I almost bought the JANOME 6600 … They came with a table and price was $2000. Most of the on line reviews for those with the machine are good. Not so good for the super deluxe version ? Janome 8000 … a lot of problems with the bobbin cases. I liked the 6600 but did not like the store selling it and the next store was 70 miles away too far for repair runs.

    I bought the BERNINA 440 QE ( $3000) a good work horse machine. Does more than what I need and can buy the embroidery module to go with…..if you want it. I bought the Bernina because of the shop and repair service … never regretted it.

    Where ever you buy your machine make sure they have a GREAT REPAIR SERVICE MAN / WOMAN to work on the machines. THE maintenance is the most important part of having and using a machine for over 30 years.

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