Looking Back at 2015 & Quilty Resolution Wrap Up

I began this post as a way of keeping track of what I was doing throughout the year. The original plan was to come back and make everything into nice pretty sentences so that it was a very cohesive post. Probably not happening like that. I’ll just leave it stream of consciousness here! Enjoy.

First finish of the year – my son-in-law’s Tumbler Quilt for his January birthday.

First start of the year – 2015 Craftsy BOM by Jinny Beyer (January)

Second start of the year – Scrap in a Box (Also in January)


Third start of the year – Ombre Strip Triangles (March)IMG_2606

Fourth Start of the year – Rob’s & Kristina’s Wedding Quilt, finished in October.

Fifth Start of the Year – Diamond Dash for church auction, finished in November.

Katie’s Rainbow Stars Twilter Quilt (begun in March) top completed first week of May & sent to Daisy for quilting, Katie received it May 23. She wrote about it here. I wrote about it here.

Hearts for Stephanie Twilter Quilt (begun in April), sent off to Tina to quilt on May 23. I wrote about it here.

I also contributed blocks to two Twilter baby quilts:IMG_3393



Made my first ever mug rug, with napkin to match and forgot to take pictures of it before I sent it off. Luckily, OzzyPip sent me pictures. You can see the results here.

May five year blogaversary giveaway.

Made my first dog bed. Blogged about it here.

Biggest purchase of the year: New sewing machine

Made my first bowl cozy as a birthday gift for a friend. Then made another and a potato baker for my eldest daughter. Made three more of each for the church auction. Made placemats for church auction.

And here is the final Quilty Resolutions Update:

The One Thing I Want to Do/Learn: free motion quilting I started a little here.
My Word of the Year: Attuned
My Own Resolutions List:
1. I am going to finish the American Beauty BOM by my birthday at the end of May. As of April 2, this was a finish!
2. I am going to complete at least one other BOM from the following list: Not even!
A. 2009 Designer Mystery BOM
B. 2011 Designer Mystery BOM
C. 2012 Designer Mystery BOM
D. 2014 Designer Mystery BOM
3. I am going to complete my oldest UFO. I might have looked at it once.
4. I am going to begin at least one of the three projects for which I have been collecting special fabrics. I touched the fabrics several times.
5. I am going to complete the deconstruction of my wedding gown. As of April 3, this was a finish!

And that was my 2015 in quilting!

Quilt on!






4 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2015 & Quilty Resolution Wrap Up

  1. You made good progress! Keep up the good work on those BOMs. You have made a lot of progress and will get there. I love the ombre triangles quilt. Nice glow.

    • I like the look of the ombre triangles quilt now, but it is not very flat. I think the directions were a little confusing, plus my execution of them apparently was not perfect.

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