March-A-Long Update

I feel like I am so behind on everything! Well, at least everything internet related. I’m behind on my blogging and my blog reading! Sigh! Apparently I’m too busy watching basketball or playing stupid games on my iPad to get much else done. Sigh! I think an iPad games cleaning is in order.

But this is my March-a-long update. (I never know how many hyphens that word has!) Not my slacking update, because I have been doing much more quilting than 15 minutes a day. More like an average of an hour a day. The only day I can think of that I haven’t done at least 15 minutes was a week ago yesterday when we celebrated my youngest DD’s birthday. Usually, it has been at least half an hour and more like an hour to two hours. And, of course, Mondays have had 3 hours of hand quilting in the afternoon. (Usually there are also two hours in the evening but that hasn’t been able to happen for several weeks.)

I have moved on from the second thread color to the third in my crazy quilting with fancy machine stitches quilt. It is a much darker purple and the stitches show up more, so I have tried to use the less dense stitches on these blocks. Three are finished. Here are the pictures:

IMG_3851 IMG_3852 IMG_3853I have to admit that I am not feeling the dark purple so much, but then I’m kind of not feeling this project. I just feel like I need to finish it because I said I would. Oh well, only 11 or 12 more blocks. I don’t think I will quilt the border at all. This is one very stiff feeling project.

My heart quilt came back from the quilter, and it looks amazing. I haven’t bound it yet because I am trying to get a couple of things finished by the end of the month for Finish-a-long.

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings
Today I’m hoping to get at least three more blocks quilted. They take about 35-40 minutes each to do, so I don’t think I can expect to do much more than that. I just want to get this done!!!!!!
Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “March-A-Long Update

  1. (Hope this is the right post! Your site is doing that jumpy thing again) I know how you feel about your crazy quilt blocks. Have you thought about how to make them fun again? Perhaps you can break the sewing steps down into sections so you are ready to go next time you sew?

    Will the border be too floopy if you don’t quilt it?

    • I’m sorry about the jumping thing.
      I’ve been trying to make it more fun, but I planned poorly on this (more in a future blog post about this). I’m just sort of counting down how many blocks are left.
      As for the border, it is only about 2 inches wide finished, so I don’t think it will be floppy. We’ll see.

    • I’m assuming long in the past. I have no idea when the person who made this quilt put it together, but I’m guessing sometime in the 90’s.
      And thank you.

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