March-A-Long Week 3

My third week of March-A-Long didn’t fare much better than last week. I’m still sicker than I’d like to be so, although I have read several quilting books. I also managed to do a little bit of quilting.

On Sunday, I started assembling the rows for the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. I got the first four put together and sewed the 3rd and 4th rows together.

Monday through Thursday were mostly reading days. I kept meaning to write and schedule some book review posts for the books I read, but somehow that took too much energy.

Friday night I got a little bit of sewing done, though. I sewed together the first and second rows and then sewed them to the third and fourth rows. That means that more than half the center of the quilt top was done when I got finished Friday night.

Then on Saturday, I was able to put together the rest of the center top. Now it looks like this:

The center needs trimming and squaring up but that will have to wait. I’m hoping to baste, quilt and bind the Birds in the Air quilt by Friday so that I have another first quarter finish.

How are you doing at marching-a-long?

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