March Along Week Two

I’ll try to be a little more specific about the days this week and what I actually did.

Saturday, March 9 – I really had a busy day, so all I got to do was press some of the Unit Ones for my daughter’s wedding quilt.

Sunday, March 10 – I got a little more done this time! I finished pressing all the Unit Ones and actually put together one of the superblocks as you can see here. I also did a little hand quilting.

Monday, March 11 – True confession – my quilting consisted of going through quilting magazines and marking possible future products.

Tuesday, March 12 – I managed to get in about 45 minutes of hand quilting on my 2009 Designer Mystery BOM and some more quilt magazine marking.

Wednesday, March 13 – I got to do about 20 minutes of hand quilting. I can’t figure out why my needles keep bending so quickly and severely.

Thursday, March 14 – I spent a couple of hours with friends in a Barnes & Noble cafe. Part of the time was spent also perusing the quilt magazines.

Friday, March 15 – I found a couple more quilt magazines in my sorting and cleaning that I had not yet flagged and read, so I did. About half an hour there!

Yep, this week’s progress was minimal. And pitiful. But we were gearing up for a weekend of Family and Fun, so that was more important! We housed both daughters, our future SIL, and my sister (who flew in from California for the festivities. And we had a successful birthday celebration and bridal shower for our now-25-year-old daughter.

One thought on “March Along Week Two

  1. What a fun girls’ weekend! 25 – how do they grow up so fast (mine will be 24 next month). I do believe that even thinking about quilting counts! o:)

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