Marchalong Week 3

Somehow, this year I’m not doing so well at this Marchalong thing. Last year I was a quilt sweatshop trying to finish (successfully, I might add) two major projects by early May. This year I have some deadlines but life keeps getting lived also!

Saturday, March 16 – No quilting. My sister had arrived on Friday. Then we met up with eldest daughter, youngest daughter and her fiance, and mother-in-law and husband for youngest’s birthday celebration. Came back here for more celebration. Had the houseful overnight.

Sunday, March 17 – Got ready for youngest daughter’s bridal shower, attended said lovely bridal shower, visited with lingering guests. Visited with eldest daughter and sister after everyone else left.

Monday, March 18 – Took sister to the airport very early. Visited with lovely eldest daughter off and on during the morning and afternoon. Planned to quilt after she left. Eventually realized that I was too tired to be safe around machines, rotary cutters and other sharp objects.

Tuesday, March 19 – Woke up to no heat. Sigh. Luckily know an amazing heating and cooling company. While they were working on the furnace, I trimmed up the Spa Squirrel so that it could be bound. (Guess what reminded me that I wanted it finished to use in the living room while watching TV!) Later sewed the binding on the front and carted it upstairs to sew the binding on the back sometime soon.

Wednesday, March 20 – Felt a little like I was coming down with a cold, so thought it was the perfect time to sit/lounge on the couch covered in Spa Squirrel stitching the binding to the back and watching many DVRed shows. And it was, except that my index finger decided that it would have arthritis and make it painful so I had to quit after only 2/3 of the binding. Sigh.

Thursday, March 21 – Completed the binding on Spa Squirrel.

Friday, March 22 – Washed, dried and photographed Spa Squirrel. Also spent about an hour working on the borders for the church quilt. The top was donated and this was the first time that I noticed it was hand pieced. Good thing we’re going to hand quilt it!

Quilt on!

One thought on “Marchalong Week 3

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely week, except for finger and furnace. Time with family is precious. Sorry your finger is hurting. Pacing, icing, heating pad, ibuprofen help me.

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