Merry Christmas!

Yes, I’m posting on Christmas Day. Yes, I will finally post about the mysterious gifts I’ve been working on. So, let’s get to it before my family awakens!

Last night we celebrated Christmas with our nuclear family (+ youngest daughter’s fiance, of course). I had made (well, youngest daughter’s is not quite finished, but close enough to wrap up) a throw sized quilt for each daughter from fabric I had purchased at the AQS Grand Rapids show from Hearts to Holly quilt shop. The original fabric purchase was some FQ bundles (12 FQs) which then gave me a free pattern. The pattern was an original Holly Bunches Pattern from which I used only the center.

Eldest daughter’s FQ bundle had 10 different grays and two pinks in it. Some of the grays were amazing. There was even one with crowns for my princess daughter. But there was not enough pink, so I swapped some out.

Pink and gray quilt center

Next it was time to find border and backing fabrics. As I looked for border fabric for this quilt, I also looked for fabric for youngest daughter’s quilt so that I would be ready to go when I got there. I got very lucky! I found border fabrics in both colorways that matched. (Backing is from Kate Spain’s Cuzco line; both border fabrics are from a line called Silk Road.)

Pink & gray quilt got borders first.

Pink and gray quilt with borders

I machine quilted, a sad story since I prefer hand quilting and do not do well with machine quilting. I stitched in the ditch in the center and stitched as if there were pinwheels in the plain blocks. I just did some straight quilting in the outer border. And, apparently, I didn’t baste the quilt well enough because I got some of this:

Pleating in the quiltingUgly border quiltingMore ugly border quiltingEven more ugly border quilting

Not proud of that, but I’m not a machine quilting expert. And, I’m trying to avoid that in the youngest daughter’s quilt. On to the finished pink and gray quilt!

The finished pink and gray quilt

I was going to add a few crystals in the crown fabric, but since I’ve never tried that before and I was short on time, I skipped it. I figured the worst thing that could happen if I tried and goofed is that I would burn a hole in the quilt. And that was not acceptable. I’ll practice on something else.

Then I started on youngest daughter’s quilt. I had looked for a purple fabric bundle, but didn’t find any, so I settled on a blue and black and white bundle. Some of the fabrics in it reminded me of two different sundresses she has purchased over the years, so I figured I was sort of safe. Here is the center of her quilt.

Blue, black and white quilt center

And here is a section of it with the borders. I haven’t taken any more recent pictures.

Quilt section with borders

I was hoping to get a picture of the DDs with their their “sister quilts” (which is what I’ve been calling them and what they immediately named them) but, with one unfinished, it was impossible. I promise to show you pictures of the youngest daughter’s quilt once it is finished.

Quilt on!

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