Monday Morning Book Review #1

Over the past few weeks I have been a very bad girl and purchased several quilting books, so today I thought I’d start reviewing some of them. I’ll do one a week each Monday for as long as I have something to review. (That’s how bad I’ve been – I haven’t even counted them.

First up (mostly because I mentioned it in yesterday’s post) is

by Linda Hahn. (And yes, in case you couldn’t already tell, that is an Amazon affiliate link in case you want to buy it or look at it. Just warning you in case you didn’t notice.) Usually when I add these links I don’t use the picture because it kind of interrupts the blog flow, but this book cover is soooooo pretty that I couldn’t help myself.

I have always meant to purchase her other previous book on New York Beauty quilts,

but just never got around to it. Given how much I have enjoyed this new book, I may have to purchase the previous book also!

I read through the first section (the basic instructions) and really enjoyed how thorough and easy to follow they were. I sort of expect this from a quilting book so that didn’t surprise me. Then I started going through the quilt patterns and flagging (don’t you just love Post-It flags?) the ones I might someday want to make. And I flagged all of them. How will I ever decide which to do first? (Maybe I shouldn’t purchase the other book!)

So if you think you might be interested in making some New York Beauty blocks, I strongly recommend that you check out this book. You won’t be disappointed. At least, I wasn’t!

One thought on “Monday Morning Book Review #1

  1. I came across your review by accident. Thank you so very much! I am so glad you enjoyed Diversified! You made my day! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any help with any of the quilts. (PS my favorite of the bunch is Niagara Nights). My daughter, age 21, designed, made and quilted Hues of the Hudson!


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