Mover Beware – A Cautionary Tale

There will be no pictures here. I will name no company names. I just want everyone who is considering moving to know I few things.

Not all moving companies actually move your stuff. Some of the entities listed as moving companies are merely brokers for the people who actually do the move. Why is this bad? Because you can research the company you think you are dealing with and think you have gotten a good company (at least until their online reviews catch up to them) when it is really the case that the people who are actually touching your stuff have lousy reviews and live up to them. Make sure you know who you are really dealing with.

DD arranged her move with a company that had good reviews online. She had a guaranteed pick up date for her stuff. The night before said date, she got a phone call saying they weren’t going to be able to pick up her stuff on the agreed upon date. The next day, she called the company she thought she was dealing with and reminded them that she had a guaranteed date. Later she got a call saying the movers would arrive between 3 and 6 PM. They arrived at 5.

As they loaded her stuff onto the truck, they complained repeatedly about how much stuff she had. They smoked in her garage (and left butts all over the floor) without asking her permission. They left empty Gatorade bottles strewn about the floor also. They were kind of rude to her. At the end of the loading process, they handed her a bill for over a thousand dollars more than the estimate and told her that she would have to pay that in cash or in a postal money order made out to a company different than the company she thought she was dealing with. They also didn’t know how long it would be until her stuff was delivered. (This was a Monday night. She was moving 4 hours away.)

We were all more than a little suspicious about the change in names, so the next day she called the original company and was told that the name was appropriate, something about a parent company relationship. Still no estimate on when her stuff would actually get here.

DD looked up the new name and found absolutely horrible reviews. Things not delivered in a timely manner. Broken items. Boxes opened and gone through and things missing from said boxes. Not a good review in the bunch. She really started worrying then.

On Thursday, she was told that her stuff might come Saturday or Sunday. Friday she heard it would come on Saturday. At 10 PM Friday, she got a call asking if they could deliver at 2 AM. (Wouldn’t our neighbors have loved us?) A 7 AM arrival time was scheduled. We all were up by 6:30. At 9 she called to see where they were. They had overslept.

The delivery guys were not the same guys who packed her up and were much nicer and more polite. Of course, they picked the one 5 hour period in the last couple weeks that we got much rain so the delivery was punctuated by downpours that stopped everything. But the men were nice and polite and everything got moved in. It was a little strange that their truck did not have the name of either of the moving companies – it was a Budget truck – but things happen and trucks break down.

Then DD started unpacking. There were broken things, including a waffle iron that was packed inside of a box. Not sure how that happened. Her TV has some scratches around the outside which don’t affect the picture at all, but which shouldn’t have happened. I believe she has a broken glass table top and a broken bookshelf.

The clincher however was the definite evidence that someone had been through at least one of her boxes. She had two plastic boxes with lids that look like the same size but are actually slightly different in size so the lids are not interchangeable. The lids had been switched and one had been taped on. Seriously!!!!! So far, although several things are broken, nothing is missing that she can think of.

I’m hoping she writes a scathing review of the company she thought she was dealing with as well as the actual company who moved her. And I hope this helps some of you avoid a situation such as this.

Quilt on!

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  1. I hope she paid the original estimate and not the new one. That is clearly a bait and switch tactic and she should contact the Attorney General’s office for instructions on how to dispute the transaction.

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