Oct 26

My First Log Cabin Block

The picture below is the first Log Cabin block that I ever made. I made it sometime in the mid 90s. There was a home party company called The Creative Circle which sold through hostessed parties where crafts were taught. Each party focused on one craft, but other craft kits were also available. My friends and I loved them. I still have several kits in my basement.

I think I picked up this kit at the needlework party. (We also had parties in candlewicking, macramé, counted cross stitch, and embroidery.) What I liked about the needlework kits was that they didn’t just use one needleworks stitch.

When I chose this kit, I don’t think I even knew that it was based on a quilt block. It would be at least 10 years before I would become a quilter. Still, this is my first Log Cabin block.


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  1. landscapelady

    Love the taupe and white, you should make one just like it in fabric

  2. Sandy H

    Very nice! And I agree with @landscapelady!

  3. Denise in PA

    That’s gorgeous! I love Landscapelady’s idea too! I’ve never heard of those home parties – sounds fun!

  4. Sandi Colwell

    That is so pretty! I like the idea of a fabric version as well!

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