My Progress in Quilting

Doesn’t that sound official? I think it sounds like way more progress than I have actually made.

So, last Saturday during the football game (and a little after because I really wanted to finish it) I completed Block 9 of the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. Isn’t it pretty?IMG_3364

Then on Sunday, I got to sew for about 4 or 5 hours. I made some blocks following the directions in the pattern I’m sort of using for my nephew’s wedding quilt. I sewed to the point where I had three rows of block sections to finish to finish my four blocks and realized I just couldn’t do it. Here’s why.


Yes, it is a bit blurry and it doesn’t look too bad, but here’s the problem. The designer of this pattern used two flying geese units to make an hourglass block. It is almost impossible to match those bulky flying geese points. And, yes, this one doesn’t look awful, but some of the others didn’t look quite so good. Luckily, I know another way to make hourglass blocks. They came out much better the second time around but it meant that I spent Monday evening unsewing and Tuesday evening recutting and resewing. And the next few pictures show you Tuesday’s results.




In the actual quilt, the blocks will be much farther apart than this. I’m picturing lots of white space.

If I had thought more carefully before making this second round of blocks, I would have probably saved myself quite a bit of time because I would have realized those flying geese would not be the best choice for making hourglass blocks.

Next up in the wedding quilt, the last four blocks (I hope).

Do you look at patterns more carefully than I did?

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “My Progress in Quilting

  1. I just don’t get why designers bother trying to make an hourglass block out of flying geese! I never used that method, but I totally get your point, and your points not matching 🙂 Your blocks are still gorgeous, the color of the blue and white is making me drool. And the first block is so simple made out of HST-s, yet it’s a great design!

  2. The top block IS really great and your experience with the Hourglass blocks makes my resolve to know different techniques for making blocks ring more true. Great job!!

  3. Glad you went with the simpler method. Our sewing is never perfect, but every point that matches makes it look better. These blues are beautiful!

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