My Scary Brain

No this is not a post about me sliding into Alzheimer’s or having psycho-killer urges, I promise. It is just about…. Well, read on and find out!

Back in May, Jaye (artquiltmaker) wrote a post which she called Dream Projects #5. Now, I suppose that I have read the other 4 Dream Projects posts as well, but apparently when I read this one, I was running with it in my own mind. All I could think with the number of Dream Projects Jaye had listed was, “I’m not the only one whose list is this long (or longer)!” While that reassured me a little, it made me fear for the relatives of all of the rest of the quilters with this problem.

That being said, here is my list of Dream Projects (or at least a few of them).

Two Jen Kingwell patterns – The Gypsy Wife and Green Tea and Sweet Beans. I own both patterns already and have been gathering the leftover scraps from the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM for The Gypsy Wife. It will require other colors also, but that’s the start. Green Tea and Sweet Beans will require being comfortable with appliqué, so that will require learning.

Elizabeth Hartman’s Aviatrix Medallion but not in solids. I’m thinking stunning batiks for this one! I am not a solids girl so much.

Jaybird Quilts’ Gravity quilt, also not in solids. I think I have enough batiks to make this one too! I stocked up on grays at a Hancock’s of Paducah sale.

Then there are the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials I want to do!  The Illusion Block Quilt is at the top of the list since I already have everything I need to complete one or two! I don’t think I’ll name other names here. It’s enough to say there are a lot of them.

Then there are the three very special super secret quilts for which I’ve been hunting and gathering fabric for several years now. I really want to get on them, but I haven’t finished designing them yet.

And I want to make a Scrapitude and a Playing with 9-Patches quilt designed by Charlotte Hawkins. I already own both patterns, and I certainly have plenty of scraps!

And then there is almost every quilt that Judy Martin has ever designed.

And La Passacaglia quilt and many others from the Millefiori Designs books.

And I ordered the Full Bloom quilt kit from Hancock’s of Paducah.

See. This is getting out of hand.

Because I still have so much to finish! Aaaaaargh!!!!!

See why my brain is scary. Sigh.

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “My Scary Brain

  1. Ah, thank you for fixing this! So my list is just as long, and then some! Gipsy Wife, Matrix Medallion, and I quiet like Green Tea and Sweet Beans to be honest! And I saw the Illusion Block quilt on Craftsy made with squares instead of rectangles, and immediately decided that I want to make it. Plus about a thousand others, like Scrapitude, which I bought as soon as I saw your link. I’ve been waiting for that since Charlotte has set up her blog! So congratulations again, enabling is successful! I also have Dear Jane, and some others whose name I can’t even remember on my list, I have the patterns already, hence the memory glitch. So there, don’t feel so bad, I’m not even mentioning the UFO-s waiting to be quilted. Just sayin’ :))))

  2. That’s quite a list!! You can do it. Lol! I’m inspired to make my own list now which would include a Farmer’s Wife quilt since I have the book and cd.

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