My Version of a CSA


Yes, that does say “Community Supported Chocolate.” Yep, it is run as a CSA. I paid my money back in the spring, and I’m receiving four boxes starting this month. Yes, I received the first box this week.


Yes, this really exists. Honest. And it is delicious. At least the parts that I’ve already tried.


This is the box when I opened it. There are three regular chocolate bars and a coffee toffee bar, some truffles and a chocolate spoon for my coffee (I’m just waiting for the perfect day to use that!) and chocolate drink (AKA hot chocolate, only really classy) which will probably also end up in coffee since I don’t usually drink hot chocolate.


The chocolate bars were (I’ve eaten two of them already) 67% pure, 77% pure and 87% pure chocolate. (I’ve been eating my way down the percentages and have completed the 87% pure and 77% pure bars. 87% was a bit more bitter than I really like.) I will eat the coffee toffee bar last.


And this is the packaging for the Hot Cocoa Stick. Maybe tomorrow morning it will end up in my coffee.

Tonight I ate the Pumpkin Spice truffle. I kind of thought it sounded awful, but NOOOOOOO! It was amazing. I need to try and chase down some more. I could not believe how incredibly delicious it was!

Fortify yourself with some chocolate and

Quilt on!



2 thoughts on “My Version of a CSA

  1. Oh my, what a treat! But I don’t think my waist line and butt would be thankful for a move like that 🙂 Did you have a choice between milk and dark when you signed up? Just for gift’s sake… 🙂

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