Nothing Much

I don’t seem to have much get up and go these days so not much has been happening – and yet lots has. It just hasn’t had much to do with quilting – at least my quilting.

I do have pictures though!

First, my sister visited last weekend. As part of our awesome weekend, we spent time with my youngest daughter and her husband showing off their small town. In one of the second hand/antiques stores, I saw these:




Look at the top of the next picture!IMG_2633

Then, when I got home and got the mail, I had a package from Australia! It was the mug rug from my swap partner, OzzyPip, in the mug rug and potholder swap run by Sandi at Quilt Cabana Patterns. The fabric is all Australian wildflowers with gold (do you think Pip knows how much I like gold on my fabrics. Here is the back:


And here is the front! A star made of gorgeous wildflowers!IMG_2638

This was accompanied by this lovely handmade card. The card was made by Pip’s daughter. (Yep, I feel special.)IMG_2640

I have also shipped a mug rug off to Pip, but I don’t know if it got there yet. And I forgot to take pictures of it, so we’ll have to wait for hers.

Quilt on!