Off to Paducah!

Tomorrow we (my husband and I) will head off to Paducah for the AQS show! Am I excited? Yes! Am I feeling a tad guilty and responsible? Yes! Why? Well, I’m finding it a strange coincidence (or I would if I believed in them) that the flood they are saying is second only to the Great Flood of 1937 is apparently about to happen. Why is that such a coincidence? Well, in 1937 my paternal grandparents lived in Paducah. We even have copies of a letter that my grandmother wrote to my aunt and father describing what was happening over a period of days during that flood. (Yes, I know! How cool is that?!)

So I head for Paducah and there is another great flood? Sigh. Yes, I feel a bit responsible. But it sounds like this time Paducah is more than ready and the possibility for lots of damage is much less. At least I hope so. I’ve been very impressed with the communications from AQS about the changes necessary because of the potential flooding, but I do feel like somehow there is a connection between the flood and the fact that someone from my family will once again be in Paducah. (On a geneaological note, yes, I did go with my sister to the library to find addresses to look up while I’m in Paducah – we don’t actually have an envelope with a return address for that letter. And, yes, we will check them out.)

I will try to blog more during the week so that you can share the quilt show with me! I promise.

One thought on “Off to Paducah!

  1. Have fun and let me know if you have free time on the way back- perhaps a stop by my place and some lunch or dinner could be arranged.

    Love and hugs,

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