#PDSI Sunday and Monday Roundup

This will be short and sweet. Mostly because I don’t have lots of pictures.

So here’s what I have accomplished this week in my sewing room, mostly on Sunday and Monday.

  1. All the cutting for Surrounded By Scraps is finished.
  2. I started sewing step 2 of Surrounded by Scraps. Here is a picture of the first batch. Actually, I am much further along in this step, but I have not taken pictures.
  3. I did the rough cut on the t-shirts for my hubby’s t-shirt quilt.
  4. I began hand sewing the binding on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. Still a long way to go on that.

Hopefully, I can get more done this weekend. We will see. I got somewhat slowed down by the burning out of the overhead light in the sewing room. Not that it cast much light and the plan is to leave the globe off when I replace the bulbs, but the ceilings are 10 feet tall so even with a six foot step ladder, it’s a bit difficult. Hubby is dizzy most of the time so he can’t do it. Luckily, our over 6 foot son-in-law will be here for dinner tonight so I will ask him then. I should be good to go by later this evening.

And I leave you with this picture of Ypsilanti, Michigan’s iconic water tower. I found it very interesting that they put this on the cover of a book about John Norman Collins since, to my knowledge, it does not figure prominently in the history of the serial killer, but it did get my attention. 

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “#PDSI Sunday and Monday Roundup

  1. Perhaps the water tower is an icon of Ypsilanti and that the town is an important aspect of the book?

    Hope you got your light changed.

    The dots fabric you are using on your mystery quilt will make a great background!!!

    Hope the lights got changed. Perhaps you can have your son change out the light fixture (one from IKEA???) so you can get more light. It is so frustrating when I don’t have enough light.

    • Since it’s a true story of a serial killer, Ypsilanti is a part of the book. And, yes, the water tower is an icon of Ypsilanti and the bust in front of the water tower is actually a bust of Demetrius Ypsilanti for whom the city is named. But that particular water tower…

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