Progress From Last Week

I really have been making some progress on things around here. For example, I got the binding on the church quilt front. Then we had the binding party at church and got the back hand stitched. Then came the moments I have worried about for the two years we’ve been working on this quilt – the soaking to get the markings out and the washing.

I was pretty sure the black backing wouldn’t run all over the white front because I had experimented with it before we ever basted the quilt. I figured if the black didn’t run in hot, medium or cold water soaks, we were probably safe. It made me a bit nervous while we were quilting when our hands that were under the quilt seemed to be picking up some of the color, but we figured that was the oil from our hands picking up the color.

First, the quilt went into the jacuzzi tub with about 15 color catchers. None of the black went anywhere, and I learned something about the blue markings – color catchers do not pick up that chemical. The water was blue and the color catchers were white. The markings came out beautifully.

Next up was the washing machine. There are a couple spots on the binding that look dingy, but otherwise the quilt is white on one side and black on the other. Here are few pictures of parts of the white side. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to take this quilt’s formal portraits yet.


Yes, this is one huge quilt. And yes, I had to take this picture at a funky angle.The railing is no longer the easy straight on shot since I have my own personal quilt frame in front of it.


This is one of the feathered pineapples from the center of the quilt. Yes, we used different colors of thread.


These blue swirls are the inner border.img_5118And, yes, I have handquilted more feathers than I ever want to again.

Saturday morning and early afternoon, I spent several hours pressing fabric, printing the Inklingo shapes on the fabric, and then cutting the fabric. The good news is that I have more La Passacaglia pieces to sew onto rosettes. The bad news is that my back and hip didn’t like all that standing.


This is one color option of the next round in my first rosette 2.img_5120

Here’s another option. Way too busy for my taste.img_5121

Once I started the actual hand piecing, this little guy helped. Okay, maybe not so much. Lazy Loki!fullsizeoutput_1e5e

The pink is really more the color it looks in the earlier photograph. It looks too orange here. At least I got this next round on. But for the next round I have to cut more pieces, and my back is sooooo not up for that right now. At first I thought that I’d just not hand piece while waiting at church for my husband Sunday evening. Then I remembered I have two more rosettes started and enough pieces to make several stars for the star rounds.fullsizeoutput_1e5d

Sorry this picture is blurry, but I got six of these done Sunday evening. Now I just have to decide if I’m making 10 or 12 of these.

What have you been up to?

Quilt on!

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  1. You are making such great progress! I do like the pink you chose for the LP. The Tula Pink diamonds were too busy. Good choice.

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