Jun 21

Progress update

Well, I am still waiting for the Wedding Quilt to come back, so there is no progress there.

Yesterday Careful Carolyn, Amazing Amy, and I got the church quilt on the frame and started the quilting. We actually mounted it lengthwise, since it is not a queen-sized quilt. This way we have more room for people to sit around the frame and work.

You may remember (I think I mentioned it earlier anyway) that this top was donated and we just added the two outer borders. It was layered and basted in a bright orange thread by the longarmer. (Frankly, I can’t imagine myself ever basting a quilt for hand quilting again!) Good thing she basted it in bright orange or we might have been tempted to just bind it and call it a quilt!

I was a little concerned that hand quilting might be a bit more difficult than usual because the batting is a higher loft than we normally use, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this was not the case at all. And, of course, the higher loft is puffier, so we may like the way this one looks a lot.

The Church quilt on the frame

One end of the church quilt

The other end of the church quilt

Quilt on!


  1. Jaye

    Where is that Wedding quilt? It seems like it is taking forever or am I just operating on Internet time? Did you call?

  2. carolewool

    Gretchen, I’m glad the batt is not an issue, Keep us up to date!

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