Here is the 2009 Designer Mystery Quilt from the Fat Quarter Shop! I have finished hand piecing the top! (I really need a design wall to hang quilts on for pictures! This is the floor of our sunroom.) I have to admit that I would probably not have chosen to use so much brown in a quilt, but I have to admit I do like this one. Some months I wondered if I would. Now I can fold it up and put it in a box with its backing fabric (which I pieced on the machine this afternoon). It has to wait for the quilting frame to be free before it gets quilted.

I should mention now how impressed I am with this Block of the Month! Each kit was very generous with the fabric, and I have so much fabric left over! Since this is sort of a Christmas fabric, some of it may show up in the next project. We’ll see. I didn’t go with the backing kit from The Fat Quarter Shop because it was red fabric and seemed too much for me. I did find some Glacé by Moda (which is what this fabric is) and was able to purchase 5 yards of a light blue with flowers for the backing. Of course, since this is my first BOM, my opinion may not be worth much!

I also pieced the binding for the church quilt today. So cutting for the first block or two of the 120 will probably begin very very soon! Of course, I also need to do some cleaning as we are having my niece and her boyfriend visit this weekend – but I need to fit it in so I am ready to leave on my business trip next week.

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Gorgeous! I love the colors, but then, I’m a Moda girl myself. The only BOM I’ve ever done was a lesson in frustration because they barely sent enough fabric for each block and didn’t give any diagrams about how they expected me to cut the pieces from the scant fabric they sent. I ran short on one block, and finally ditched the whole thing. I’m glad yours went so much better for you–and the end result is very, very pretty!

  2. I confess the one I am going through at my local quilt shop which has barely enough fabric, but if you are ever trying another BOM, I strongly recommend the Fat Quarter Shop. Plenty of fabric!!!!

  3. I’m not doing this year’s BOM because I am doing these 120 blocks instead. And an American Beauty BOM through my local quilt shop. I figured that was enough for this year.

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