Project Update

I finished the wall hanging for the church auction. I am happy with the way it turned out and hope it does well at the auction. I am fairly certain that I am not a big fan of fusible appliqué, although I admit it was quick. I don’t think I will do it on Getting to Know Hue. I’m pretty sure that one will be hand appliqué.

Here’s the finished wall hanging.

I have also been working a bit on the third Rosette 2 for La Passacaglia. It is going to brighten up a bit in the next couple of rounds.

And I decided I was no longer feeling the look of the Kimberly Einmo Spinning Stars quilt I started at the same time as I started Lone Star Explosion. The first star block I made didn’t have enough contrast and I’m not really fond of the other block. 

I still like the fabrics so I will repurpose those. I haven’t gained a project box with this move though, because that one is broken and will have to go away. Sigh. But there is one less project to worry about.

Quilt on!





4 thoughts on “Project Update

  1. Fusible applique’ requires practice. It is ok not to like it. I am not a huge fan, but I like it better than needle-turn and like it even more now that I use SoftFuse. It is the easiest product I have found to work with. I agree with Ronni on the wall hanging design. I hope you put a minimum on the auction price.

    • We do put a minimum price on the items. It is also the case that I know how badly Carolyn wants this so I can bid her up or suggest someone else does!

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