Quick Post on Books

After yesterday’s post, I had a couple of comments asking what it is that I’m planning to do with the books I currently have.

Here’s the short answer: Some I am keeping, some I am selling on Amazon, and some I am donating to the library here in town.

Let me add one other thing: Let me know if there is a particular book you are interested in and we’ll communicate about it. I cannot guarantee that I will send it to you – I may have already sold it or be keeping it, but I’d rather sell or donate to my blogging friends if possible.

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Quick Post on Books

  1. Very sensible. I hope that your local library will be gracious about the donation. You might try to find out who the librarian is who selects and acquires for quiltmaking and talk to him/her directly about what she wants. You might also want to search the library catalog and not give them anything they already have. (End of bossy librarian speech)

    • Our library has a used book shop inside that is well manned. I think most donated books end up there. We have a very active Friends of the Library.

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