Quilt I Want to Make

The quilt I’ve always wanted to make is a Double Wedding Ring. I sort of picture mine as pastels (actually I’ve been collecting fabrics with this in mind for a couple of years) on a dark background. Of course, hating cutting as I do, I haven’t really started, but I’ve started planning.

In an effort to avoid the massive cutting, I purchased a DWR die for my AccuQuilt Go! to use instead of templates. However, I really like round DWRs not bulgy ones. And the Go! dies appear to make bulgy DWRs. Sigh. I ordered some templates that guarantee round ones, but now what do I do with my die? It has been unwrapped and I outlined the shapes on the die, but I’ve never used it to cut.

Maybe I need to sell it on eBay and recoup a little of my money.

Quilt on!

One thought on “Quilt I Want to Make

  1. Either on eBay, or try if Etsy has stuff like that? Or Craigslist? Or maybe tweet about it on Twitter you never know! If you want I can retweet for you!

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