Quilt Show Part Four – Friends & Food & Classes

One of the best things about this quilt show for me is meeting up with Carole and Nonnie. This is the third year we have met up, and we are getting to be old friends here!


That’s Carole on the left and Nonnie on the right. And, yes, we did plan to stand in height order. (Not really.)

I arrived at the show at around 11 on Wednesday. Carole was in an all day class, but we met for lunch and then for dinner also. Lunch was in the food court at the show. All the areas had quilt block names. Over the course of the show, I ate food from Chinese Fan, Arkansas Traveler and Garden of Eden. Oh, and dessert from Delectable Mountains. The food was pretty good.

After Wednesday lunch, I went to my first class which was a Pineapple Block by hand class taught by Pepper Cory. I love this way of making the Pineapple Block! I haven’t quite finished it yet, but here it is so far. (Please note that because hand piecing is happening, pressing has not – at least not other than finger pressing.) Please pardon the lighting.


Wednesday, Carole and I had dinner at the sports bar at the Amway Grand. They have a pot roast sandwich that I adore. (Nonnie and I ate there on Friday evening.) They also had a dark beer that claimed to have hints of dark chocolate. It did not taste quite as good as I might have hoped.



After dinner, I headed off to the All-Star Review and Carole headed off to her room. The Review actually wasn’t anything earthshaking, but I was reminded that I should really get my Square in a Square ruler out and try it out.

Thursday was my show and shopping day. I learned last year that I should not try to take early morning classes every day, so I only took an early morning class on Friday. You’ve seen pictures from the show, and the shopping pictures are the next post, so… Lunch and dinner with Carole again. For dinner we ate outside across the street from our hotel at a restaurant called Z’s Bar and Restaurant. The food was yummy and the weather was perfect for eating outside. Not too hot or humid.

Friday was my big day. Two classes, one morning and one afternoon. Both were on EQ 7 and taught by Reeze Hans0n of Morning Glory Designs. The first was EQ7 Boot Camp: An Intensive Introduction for Serious Beginners. I was very glad to have taken it as it made me feel much more hopeful about using EQ 7 in the future. (The near future, I hope.) The second was EQ7 Drawing: Appliqué Blocks and Motifs, and I don’t know that I will ever use this one. I was pretty bad at it.

Nonnie was there to meet up for lunch, so that is what the three of us did. After lunch, I returned to class and they hit the show. Dinner was just Nonnie and me at the aforementioned sports bar. Carole was visiting with a friend.

After dinner Friday, I attended Edyta Sitar’s lecture, A Evening with Edyta Sitar: Reasons for Quilting. I would not have wanted to fold up all of the quilts at the end of the lecture! She showed us several! I heard something about 50+ quilts. They were all gorgeous.

Saturday was my last shopping and show day. I only bought one thing on Saturday, but I did look at several quilts again, with Nonnie this time. We said goodbye to Carole after her morning class and then Nonnie and I had lunch. (We went back later to get Nonnie a bit of a dessert too.) I finally drove away from Grand Rapids between 3:30 and 4:00 PM and headed off to my daughter’s place to meet up with my husband and help him dogsit for our granddog, Loki!


Quilt on!

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