Quilt Show Part Three

I’m not planning on showing you every quilt at the show on this blog. Just some of my favorites. So today is the last day that I’ll show the show quilts here. In the next few posts, I’ll tell you about hanging out with Nonnie and Carole (including eating adventures) and, of course, my show purchases and classes. But today is still quilts quilts quilts.

There are two shots of this first quilt (Weather the Storm by Elizabeth Bauman because one is closer and the other is taken more straight on. Obviously, I love the colors on this quilt and the blocks and the appliqué. Just a gorgeous quilt in my humble opinion.



This one has some very interesting blobby things in the border. (Yes, blobby is a technical term and, although it doesn’t describe these quite as well as wormy might, it is a kinder description.) The next three pictures are this quilt, Against All Odds by Valentina Mort.





This next one is a Christmas quilt. I know this because it is called Christmas Medallion. It was made by Lynn Peck-Collins with some of the sparkly Christmas fabric I like so well. And look at the edging in the closeup.



Spiral quilts always amaze me. I have a pretty good idea of how the corners were made now that I’ve taken the Craftsy class Stunning Circle Quilt: Step by Step with Andi Perejda (and, yes, that is an affiliate link) but I have not yet figured out how to do the spiraling away pieces or anything like the center block. Sigh. Just gorgeous. This one is called Byrne’s Spiral, and it was made by Beth Nufer and Clem Buzick. The quilting is just as amazing as the quilt top. I just love it.




This next one is called Tink’s Choice and it was made by Laura Trenbeath. Although you can’t really tell, this must be a very heavy quilt it has lots of crystals and other bling.


The gold bead looking things around this motif have me stumped. Do you know what they are? Are they glued on or sewn on?


I love the corners and borders too!


And here is the center!


I have pictures of this next one in a book! This is Lace by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. If I’m not mistaken it is in her book Double Wedding Ring Quilts-Traditions Made Modern: Full-Circle Sketches from Life, which I reviewed here.


I am beginning to find modern quilts more and more appealing. Maybe all the negative space is relaxing or something. This one is Pike’s Peak by Cheryl Brickey. And, of course, the quilting is awesome.



Last for this show, is a hand quilted masterpiece. This is Reindeer-Go-Round by Tim Latimer. I follow is blog and saw many pictures of the progress on this so I was thrilled to see it up close and personal.


Look at his amazing quilting! I don’t understand why this one did not win a prize.



That’s it for my pictures of the show. I hope you have enjoyed them.

Quilt on!