Aug 17

Quilt Show Post #2

Now that you’ve seen the quilt that charmed me, here are some that blew me away!

This was from the Animals We Love exhibit. And, yes, I may have chosen it because it was pieced, not much appliqué. The label from this quilt follows the picture of the quilt.



Next up is a machine quilted masterpiece by Margaret Solomon Gunn, whose blog I follow. I’m not sure how it didn’t win any awards but I know this quilt has won some awards at other shows.


Here is a closeup of some of the quilting:


Another closeup view. I quilt like this in my dreams!


Here’s the official information tag!


Next up are some award winners. First up, Best of Show Award – Saffron Splendor by Pat Holly. I didn’t take a separate picture of the info tag because I knew this was one of Pat Holly’s quilts as soon as I saw it. I’m in awe.


Next up is Best Hand Quilted Award – Tulip Serenade by Barbara Clem. Still in awe here!


Here’s the tag with a closeup of some of the gorgeous hand quilting!


Here’s another award winner: Best Longarm Machine Quilted Award – From the Bride’s Trousseau by Margaret Solomon Gunn.


And a closeup of the tag with some of the amazing quilting!


This one won the Best Home Machine Quilted Award – Dazzling Dahlia by Andrea M. Brokenshire.



And here’s a closeup of some of the amazingness along with the tag.


And last of all for today, Best Original Design Award – Fern Rising by Claudia Pfeil. I’m sorry about how the colors turned out in this photo.


This next picture may give you a better idea of the actual colors. Sometimes the fluorescent lights make picture taking difficult!


I need to save some for a later date, so that is it for today. (This is my second post of today. Don’t get used to it!)

Quilt on!


  1. aqjaye

    Thanks for sharing some of the quilts! Beautiful work!

  2. jberdych

    Wow, what amazing quilts.

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