Quilt Show Shopping Part 1A (and Part 2)

Why have I called this part 1A? Because I forgot one of the books from my first day of shopping. And, yes, I will review it sometime in the future, but it’s my favorite of the books I just bought so I think it would be a shame if I didn’t add it here. So, from Yoder’s booth, I purchased this:

And, yes, it really is big. And it has lots of patterns that I like.

Okay, that ends the first day of buying.

Friday I was in class all day, but you already knew that.

Saturday I went back to the Brother sewing machine booth with the intention of telling the lovely young lady who had answered all of my questions on Thursday (and maybe Friday too) that there was really no way that I could afford the machines I had been looking at so I would come back next year. She asked me what could I afford and I named a price that was well under half the list price of the machine I really really wanted, explaining that I really needed to wait until next year. Apparently not. She called in the big boss, who asked if I had a machine to trade. And offered me $800 for my lovely pink machine (sob, I’m not sure I was ready to part with her) and the demo of the machine I really really wanted. Yeah, this happened:IMG_3124

Here is the new machine as it had to sit while we granddog sat in my daughter’s apartment. (And yes, that is one of Loki’s toys.) I so wanted to play, but there wasn’t a place to do that.

The new machine is a Brother Innovis DreamWeaver™ XE VM6200D, and it sews and embroiders and is huge. Check out the link. It is amazing. Now the question is, will I be amazing with it? Time will tell.

Yesterday, I packed up my old machine and the new machine and took them to Lansing, where I surrendered my old machine and got a little training on my new machine. (The new machine is a little intimidating! Plus, I’ve never done machine embroidery before.)

As part of the training, I made this, my first ever embroidery:


I think I need to work on that puckery thing. But I was having fun, and it was my first time, so I’ll give myself a little slack.

Tonight I got her unpacked and set up. Unfortunately, she is too big for the lovely mat I got from Katie so I guess that has to go into storage.

Here she is all lit up on her desk.


And here is her touch screen all lit up. This is the first of the utility stitch screens.


And here she is not lit up just in case you can see her better this way.


Of course, she needs a name. Anyone have any suggestions? And I need all sorts of embroidery supplies – but I don’t know what kinds of threads or stabilizers or other stuff I need, so please feel free to tell me! Please!

And if someone could tell me what on earth I was thinking, I’d like to know. Yes, I’ve been drooling over the Dreamweaver machines in magazines and my local Brother dealer since they first came out, but I’m going to have to become way more productive to deserve her.

On a side note, as sad as it made me to give up my other machine, I think if I had kept it, I might have taken the easy way out and used it instead of learning my new machine. So that’s a good thing. But I’ll still miss her! She’s been an awesome machine.


Don’t forget to give me embroidery supply ideas!

Quilt on!

6 thoughts on “Quilt Show Shopping Part 1A (and Part 2)

  1. This is so great! Take classes! Take as many classes as you can. I like Maderia thread and I bought a bolt of tearaway stabilizer as I was going through it so fast that it just made sense. (Coupon at Joann). If you are going to embroider towels, you need to cover the spot on the towel with some filmy stuff and embroider on top of it to keep the threads from sinking into the nap.

    My quiltmaking really leapt forward when I got a better machine. You are already doing such great work that I can’t wait to see how much progress you make.

  2. I think you could still use the mat even if it doesn’t fit exactly. The pockets might be useful.

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