Quilting Decisions

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an update on my quilting the wedding quilt with many of my thoughts about how I should quilt the wide open (comparatively) spaces between the superblocks. I thought maybe I ought to bring you up to date with what I actually decided to do.

Ta Da!


Above is the (or most of the) final pattern I chose. The pinkish cast is caused by the chalk from the Pounce Pad that I used to mark the motif in the center there, which came from this stencil:


Below is a closeup of the motif itself.IMG_1805

Now if you are asking yourself how it is I managed to come up with this, I actually started quilting the straight lines before I had any idea that I would really do anything but the straight lines, which I marked with .94″ painter’s tape.


The third round of that quilting produced a square which caused an aha! moment that sent me downstairs to the basement for some stencils to try out in the square. The chosen one is actually a favorite of mine which was used on another quilt once upon a time.

There are only 4 of those wide open spaces, although there are several half spaces that I will also need to quilt. I guess I’d better get to it!

Quilt on!

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  1. Perfect! Don’t you just love it when the ah ha momens come BEFORE it’s too late to put them into action? This is fabulous!

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