Quilting Injury?

This evening my husband and I went to a movie. While getting concessions, the ring finger on my right hand suddenly seized up and caused great pain. I had to straighten it with my left hand. It happened a couple of times until I learned how not to move it. At first I thought I might have dislocated it, but in hindsight I think it was a muscle spasm, except that sometimes the pain seems to go all the way through my elbow up to my shoulder. So maybe a tendon is involved or something.

Why do I think it might be a quilting injury? When we came home, I went downstairs to do some Christmas gift assembling. Certain movements, like removing pins and some ironing moves) caused the pain to come back. I quit sewing early, came upstairs and took an analgesic.

We’ll see how the quilting goes later today.

One thought on “Quilting Injury?

  1. Oh, ouch! I guess if we live long enough and quilt enough we’re going to get stuff like this, but I hope yours heals soon. You have work to do!

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