Quilting Update

Over the past week or so, a lot has happened in the basement/studio! I have been knocking out a few Disappearing Pinwheel blocks and sewing together the first 6 rows (well, maybe it’s the last 6, since I started at the bottom of the design wall) of the Falling Charms quilt as I go.

Here are the most recent DPWs:


Houndstooth Twins


Floral Twins

IMG_1729Stack of pinwheels waiting their turn.

On Wednesday, Carolyn and Amy came over to help prepare fabric for the church quilt. Amy did her favorite pressing job, I did the cutting, and Carolyn did the sorting and bagging (which Amy also helped with once the pressing was done). We got all of the block kits prepared for the pinwheel blocks for the church quilt and got a pretty good start on the flower blocks. Tonight I wrote up the directions for the pinwheel blocks, so I’ll start handing those out tomorrow at church. Here’s the pinwheel block (not all of the greens are these colors):


I spent about four hours today downstairs making DPWs, sewing Falling Charms blocks together, sewing the green pinwheel together, and making 10 more pinwheels for future DPWs. Then I spent some time this evening doing some hand quilting on the wedding quilt, so I have started March-a-long with a bang.

Quilt on!