Quilty Reflections on 2012

Before I look at the Quilty Resolutions I made last year (located in the sidebar to the right until tomorrow!), I just want to point out that I finished more quilts this year than in any year prior to this. I finished five quilts: Janni’s Woven Star,

Woven Star quiltMegan’s & Madison’s Woven Double Wedding Ring,

Quilt in blues and greensCheckerboard Rail Fence (or Rail Fence Checkerboard – I can never remember which I actually called it),

The second guest room quilt, all finished.Janni’s Pinwheel’s

The finished pink and gray quiltand Lizzi’s Pinwheels (aka the Christmas gift quilts), of which I do not have a finish picture. I also (once again) oversaw the construction and completion of the church quilt, Woven Links.

Woven Links quiltNow, let’s look at the Quilty Resolutions for 2012:

  1. Finish the big WIP in the basement. This was Janni’s Woven Star! Check.
  2. Complete the quilt for my niece’s wedding. This was Megan’s and Madison’s Woven Double Wedding Ring. Check.
  3. Finish the American Beauty BOM. Nope. Not even close.
  4. Complete the studio organization. Nope. I made great progress, but it is not done yet.
  5. Learn something about FMQ and FMQ at least one small project. Well, I learned something about FMQ, but not much. I also purchased some Craftsy classes, so this one should go better in the future.
  6. Complete the second twin quilt for the guest bedroom. This was Rail Fence Checkerboard.

So, I completed half my resolutions for this year and made progress on all of the others.

Come back tomorrow to see what my 2013 plans are!


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  1. These are amazing quilts, so different from each other! You’ve made lots of progress, and I’ve really enjoyed following your quilts and getting to know you this year.

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