Random or Organized?

Yes, random or organized? That is the question. I caved to my quilt starting cravings and began a quilt that is featured in this Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial, called Falling Charms. It is also in the magazine Quilting Quickly under the name Falling in Love. In both cases, Jenny Doan used muted colors charm packs. Also, the one in the magazine is a king sized quilt and I am only making a throw, but I digress.

I am using the line Cold Spring Dreams which contains a lavender and orange (although the designer calls it yellow) colorway and a blue and pink colorway. If you click on the link, you can see exactly what I mean.

I have made two charm packs worth of the blocks using the whole charm packs which means both colorways. I’m not sure how I like the two colorways together in one quilt. Here are some of the blocks I’ve made.


IMG_1476Here is a picture from the magazine of the whole quilt (I may not put a border on this one) followed by the advertisement that I originally saw in a magazine that convinced me I had to have this fabric.


Cold Spring Dreams AdSo my two questions are:

  1. Do I use both colorways in the same quilt? (I have enough fabric to make one that is just one colorway or the other.)
  2. Do I group the colors together in any way if I decide to keep both colorways or just sort of random them. (Like my new verb?)

Input please! (It sucks that I can’t just go down to the basement and stand in front of the design wall for as long as I want right now. Stupid ankle.)

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “Random or Organized?

  1. Gretchen, this is gorgeous fabric! Your mistake was in buying the charm packs instead of just yardage of that wonderful purple and gold colorway. Now I think I would combine both, probably mixed up. I don’t think you can get them to do a color fade, do you? They are fine together.

  2. I love both colorways Gretchen, but I could not picture them together. Maybe if you did randomly placed squares, but otherwise I’m not sure how to combine the two. P.S. I could not pick which one I like more…

  3. They are both really beautiful but I think I would keep them separate. The quilt pattern is really cute. Hope the ankle feels better soon!

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