Mar 16

Reflections on Postaday Failure

Yes, I am a failure. No, I don’t post everyday. Sigh. I do post at least once a week (most of the time) though. Oh, well, that is as it may be.

I am here at work today, but am doing no quilting right now. I didn’t get home until ten-ish (yes, that is a word!) last night and therefore no cutting got done. So, no Courthouse Steps start today. If I get to the point that I want/need to sew, I did bring the faithful tumblers with me. But I have enough other stuff to work on.

I am currently researching carpet and paint ideas. We have some major work to do in our house and tomorrow will be errand running day – so I need to get a bit of knowledge today! Tomorrow’s list is amazing!!!!! I hope to be able to make amazingly quick decisions and be ready to go by the end of the day tomorrow. Then the room prep can begin. Why am I pretty sure this is wishful thinking?

Today, my baby turned 23! This means I am very old! But that is okay because old people can still quilt.


  1. Lizzi

    There is postaweek, you know…I switched to it.

  2. Susan

    Your last line cracked me up….”because old people can still quilt”. By the way, you are not a failure!

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