Ridiculous Fabric Purchases

Okay, I know that ridiculous is in the eye of the beholder (or spouse of the purchaser), but I do seem to be a bit out of hand recently. I blame it all on the Quilter’s Newsletter Christmas issue! Huh?

As I looked through the Christmas issue, I saw a quilt I wanted to make. It was made with panels of Stonehenge’s Christmas fabric and the pattern said that there was a kit available at the Fat Quarter Shop. By the time I looked, it was gone. (They did have some of the coordinating fabric, which I did order.)

Now, I don’t do much Christmas decorating, but I REALLY liked this quilt – despite the fact that it was made of panels. So, of course, suddenly finding at least the panels became a quest. I found them on eBay and ordered the six I would need for the quilt. I also found more of the coordinating fabric, some gorgeous batiks, and some really pretty peacock fabric in the same shop – needed to save on shipping, right?

The bottom fabric in this picture is the eBay fabric. The top are the two that I purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Then I noticed that Hancock’s of Paducah was having a sale on wide (108 and 120) fabric for backing. I really prefer using the wide for hand quilting, a fact I’ve been remembering as I work on hand quilting my 2009 Designer Mystery BOM, so…

Then to make matters worse, the Fat Quarter Shop had a half off sale on Kate Spain’s Serenade line and I’m expecting that to arrive on Tuesday. I seriously have to stop shopping on line! Or at all!!!!!
So here is a little preview of what I’ve been working on in my basement:

I am probably rethinking the half inch crosshatching, but I’m committed now!

3 thoughts on “Ridiculous Fabric Purchases

  1. You make me feel so virtuous! No, I’m about to start a 3 week vacation trip- wonder how that will go? Seriously, you might as well buy fabric when it’s on sale. The backings are necessary.

  2. ……or ought to be (committed…hehe!)! I have been told that on several occasions by DH as I sat for hours doing micro-stippling on the machine (canNOT help it if I’m addicted,can I?????). Have been visiting way too many shops myself lately so can’t really say anything;-D

  3. I’m laughing at your first line! And, more than once I’ve done the same hunt for stuff I saw and HAD TO HAVE. The 1/2″ crosshatching looks awesome by the way!

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