Saturday Snippets

My MLQS (most local quilt shop – the one that is only 2 miles from me, AKA The Quilting Season) is having a sale today so I had to visit, of course. Here is my haul:

Four fat quarters

Four fat quarters at $1.50 each


Odds and ends at $0.93 an ounce (17 ounces here)

Do I need any of this? Seriously, you have to ask? Of course not! Will I use it? I hope so. And that should be enough shopping for a while considering that I’m awaiting a package from The Fat Quarter Shop with some golds in it.

I didn’t want to just tell you about my fabric gluttony though. I also wanted to let all of you who are big fans of appliqué and music about a pattern (or actually several patterns) you can purchase online from one of my favorite local bloggers, Teresa Rawson of Fabric Therapy. She has been working on a Baltimore Album style musical quilt and is now making her patterns available at her online shop, Fabric Therapy Online. I am not yet an appliqué person, but if I were, I’d probably make some of these blocks. Check them out! She is still handquilting the original quilt, but I’m sure it will show up in some quilt shows in the near future. It is amazing. You can see pictures of it on her blog and the online shop.

Okay, since the washing machine and dryer need changing, I guess that’s it for today.

Quilt on!

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  1. Teresa’s patterns are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I will add her blog to my growing subscription list. I was trying to access your blog through Blog Lovin’ but it doesn’t cooperate with me so I subscribed to yours via email.

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