Saturday Stream of Consciousness

I just have a few minor things to share, so I thought I’d throw them into one post and get it over with. Here goes.


Yes, this is what my poor ankle looks like. Yes, it hurts. Yes, I now have two pairs of brand new and expensive shoes. And several physical therapy appointments. But no, it is not broken. Just (and I use the term loosely) tendonitis.

About the new shoes, if you haven’t had your feet measured recently, I highly recommend it. I don’t know how many years it has been since I was measured and in the meantime my feet have gotten longer and a bit wider (but not quite enough to be a B width yet). So the visit to the very expensive shoe store was worth it. I still haven’t figured out yet why my shoes haven’t felt very uncomfortable but it’s all good.


I’m sorry about the quality of this picture, but I did want to share this bumper sticker with you. I shared it on Twitter a while back, but thought I’d add it here too.

Remember the Christmas tree skirt I’m making for my eldest daughter? Here’s the picture to remind you.


 I came very close to making two of these. (Yeah, that is scary!) I started to feel guilty about making a Christmas tree skirt for my eldest daughter and not for the newlyweds. So I asked them if they were interested and what kind they would like. After discussion, they decided they liked this one

IMG_1464 IMG_1466from this magazine:

IMG_1463So, yes, I’m attempting to make two Christmas tree skirts, but not two of the Judy Niemeyer skirts. I hope this is doable. Of course, I have to get busy on these, but sewing and cutting and ironing happen in the basement and the trip down and up again is pretty painful.

I did get downstairs to cut one block to work on during football games this weekend. (Football is the best sport for hand piecing, because there are short breaks between the plays so I can take a few stitches and then look up to see the important parts.) It’s block three of the 2011 Designer Mystery Block of the Month from the Fat Quarter Shop. Last week during the Michigan game, I completed the second block of the 2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month and here it is.


The points look better in the picture than they do in person. Maybe I’ll only look at this block int pictures!

While I was downstairs, I also sewed some jelly roll strips and charm packs together to begin the Cold Spring Dreams quilt that I mentioned here. I sewed two charm packs to jelly roll strips, but I haven’t cut, pressed, or sewed the second strips on so there are still no pictures, but I did start. I hope to get more done this weekend! I will be so excited if I do. I think I only need to do the two charm packs for a throw size, but I do have a layer cake I can cut up if necessary.

And that is that for this stream of consciousness post.

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Stream of Consciousness

  1. That ankle looks painful! Hope it gets better really soon!
    Glad your other daughter picked a different pattern for the tree skirt, now it’s not that scary 🙂
    Your star block looks really pretty, I love the playful fabrics and colors. The points look perfect if you ask me.

  2. Personally if you are going to have trouble with the stairs for awhile (say a few months) I would see if someone will help you move part of the sewing room upstairs. A corner in the living room or bedroom is preferable to the pain of traveling the stairs. Make a list of everything you will need for the projects you are working on and move all that and skip the stairs until your ankle heals more. Sometimes things have to be a little messy while things are healing.

  3. Hello, Gretchen! You don’t let anything slow you down! I’m hoping for a swift recovery for you.

  4. Wow, you are so lucky your younger daughter picked and easy tree skirt – LOL! They will both be beautiful! I really want to tackle a Judy N sometime! Sure hope you ankle feels better soon. I feel your pain – I’ve been having what I’m calling “roving pains” – started with the plantar fasciitis, then I had terrible knee pain, and now it’s in my shoulder . It’s getting a little ridiculous! o:)

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