Saturday Stuff – Quilt Show Wrap-Up

I will not be posting lots of pictures of quilts from the show. If you want to see some, Teresa of Fabric Therapy has several posts with lovely pictures if you are interested.  She didn’t spend a lot of time on modern quilts, but she did post lots of pictures.

The first thing I would like to say about the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show is for all the Twilters (quilters on Twitter) out there: We Michigan & Illinois twilters don’t just meet-up, we hang! Yep, many lovely hours were spent with Carole & Nonnie. Unfortunately, Nonnie had to work so only got to be there for a couple of days. And one of those was Saturday when I had hit my limit. (I think this photo of us was my first selfie ever, but don’t tell anyone! We are in front of Quilted Magnolia’s quilt Corgi Fairy Tale.)


Now, let me tell you a couple of things I learned this time around.

  1. Don’t take four classes that all start at 8:30 AM! First, don’t take four classes. That is kind of tiring to start with. Second, 8:30 is way too early four days in a row! I am no longer used to that early to bed thing!
  2. Quilt shows are more fun with friends!
  3. If you decide to not spend money on fabric because your basement is full of is already full, you really don’t save any money because you feel entitled to shoot your budget on a Laga bag.
  4. Quilt shows are more fun when you are looking at quilts by people you know.
  5. If you ever press seams open, you need The Stick.
  6. If you are going to take a class with Kimberly Einmo, buy the rulers and tools and books from her directly. She gives great deals.
  7. Take a class with Kimberly Einmo.

So here is some of my quilt show swag. (Not pictured: an electric massager – it works basically like a stim machine with different pulse settings.)I was searching for hand quilting needles, so the top three items (I’m not sure why these pictures are rotated incorrectly) are different types of hand quilting needles. Below the rotary cutter is a thimble called a tortoise. I haven’t tried any of these yet. There is my Laga bag also.


This is one end of said Laga bag.IMG_2268And this is the bottom of the Laga bag. I didn’t even notice this until yesterday!

Below is what I bought at my Kimberly Einmo class.


Yes, that is the book that I reviewed Monday. Yes, there are two fat eighths of fabric given us by Kimberly Einmo. And we have Kimberly’s EZ Jelly Roll and EZ Flying Geese rulers. (I may never make flying geese any other way again.) And at the top is The Stick.IMG_2264

Above are the blocks I made in the two Kimberly Einmo class.

Below is my swag from the game of Quilt-O. The pink FQ really is Carole’s swag but she passed it along to me. Also pictured a blingy “May Your Bobbins Always Be Full” iron on, a scissors buddy, a bookmark, a deck of cards & the bag holding a hotfix crystal kit. Some of this stuff may show up in a giveaway sometime soon. You never know.IMG_2257

Below is what came in the bag. This is different from my other hotfix tool so I may try both of them and do a comparative post sometime soon.IMG_2267And that is my quilt show info. Although I may throw other bits and pieces at you in future posts.

Quilt on!