Saturday Stuff

Warning, no pictures of anything good included. Sorry!

Today was a day I had hoped to be in California – not that I had really warned my sister of that, but there is a quilt show in her neck of the woods and I thought I could visit her and drag her with me to the show (and get to meet Jaye and Diane in the bargain). That, of course, was before this:


(I told you there were no good pictures. Just a repeat.)

So what did I do today instead? Well, I cut Block Three of the 2012 Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM so that I could work on sewing it during the Michigan/Indiana game. Then I cut the fabrics for the first bag units for the Judy Niemeyer Celebration Christmas tree skirt. Of course there is still much cutting for that. (Six more bags. ;-), to be exact.) I considered sewing those units before cutting anything else, but then I looked at the directions for piecing and decided that wasn’t a good idea.

Cutting was made much less standing intensive by the use of the bar stool that I had my DH carry downstairs from the kitchen the other day. I only had to stand to cut the width of fabric strips. Very nice.

Then there was much hand piecing during the football game. I actually enjoy the piecing during the game because I can stop and look at the plays and then take a few more stitches. I have about 8 more seams to finish this block, so there are no pictures of it yet. Soon now though. Maybe even tomorrow. But for today my eyes and hands are done.

So that was my Saturday! How was yours?

Quilt on!

One thought on “Saturday Stuff

  1. I’m so sorry you had to miss that trip, I’m sure the show would’ve been fun. Not even mentioning meeting up with Jaye and Diane!
    I too love hand piecing, even though I don’t watch football. But I guess it’s a good activity since there’s only a few minutes play time per game.

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