#sbsi Sunday Results

Somehow, by the time I sat down to watch the Super Bowl (about halfway through the second quarter) my brain had fled, so no hand piecing or hand quilting happened tonight.

However, this afternoon I did get the Saturday Sampler block assembled. Here it is:

Another thing I did was catch up on my blog reading. I was surprised to find a blog post from Sue Garman’s blog in my feed. Apparently her daughters plan to continue the blog and shop. They included a picture of her latest pattern which Sue herself completed in December. They also kindly shared pictures of Sue’s quilts from Sue’s Celebration of Life. The picture below is here because I just recently purchased two of these patterns and got a big kick out of seeing them in one picture. The quilt on the left is Afternoon Delight and the one on the right is Omigosh! I will probably make Omigosh! first.

If you aren’t acquainted with Sue Garman, let me tell you that if you’ve ever been to a quilt show, you’ve probably seen quilts made from her patterns. If you wonder which ones they are, check out the link above and look at the pictures. I’ll bet many of them look familiar. You can also check out the store website, Come Quilt. You might even find something you want to make!

Quilt on!


2 thoughts on “#sbsi Sunday Results

  1. I look forward to seeing what you make with the Sue Garmin patterns. I didn’t realize you were doing a Saturday Sampler. I am going to start confusing you with Pam.

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