Second Finish of the Year!

I made it! I finished one more quilt for the Finish-A-Long just under the wire! My Birds in the Air quilt, now named My Birds Are Geese, is now a completed quilt. (Note: as far as the following pictures go, the glamour shot in the sunroom shows the colors more truly. Sorry about the indoor picture’s poor color.)

In case you are a new reader, the blocks for this quilt come from a Twitter group swap. Before deciding on this setting for the Birds in the Air blocks, I tried a couple other settings. Here’s one of them:

Eventually my birds became flying geese. I really like the focus on the blocks themselves, so I framed it in white instead of using a real border. I quilted it very simply, just stitch in all the ditches. I considered doing something a little more fancy in the large white triangles, but that is where most people signed their blocks and I didn’t want to damage or distort the signatures. I also do like a puffy looking quilt.

Quilt on!

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  2. Oh I love how you decided to set the blocks, absolutely beautiful! Thank you for linking up, on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts.

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