She’s Baaaack!

My nice, clean sewing machineAnd to celebrate, I did this:

Sewing machine wearing quarter square triangle pairsYes, those are the first pieces of my daughter’s wedding quilt.

When I called to check if it was ready this morning, I was told that some of the repairs were not going as expected and that was why they had not yet completed it. Later in the day, they called to say it was ready to be picked up. Of course I dropped everything and drove over to get it. When I got the machine back, they explained that part of the hold up was that they couldn’t duplicate the problem I’d been having. (Of course, they cleaned the machine first and then tried to duplicate the problem, so that may have been the problem.) Then they asked what thread I was using. When I told them I’d been using Aurifil, they responded that many people have that problem with Aurifil, and repair persons don’t like Aurifil at all.

In all fairness, this was the first time I had used Aurifil so I have no idea if this makes any sense. (I do know that many people happily use Aurifil with no problem and rave about it.) I quilted one quilt with pink Aurifil and had no problem. I then started to quilt the next quilt with blue Aurifil, and the problems started.

I will probably do some experimenting with the Aurifil later, but not until I have completed piecing the wedding quilt. After all, that is my main goal right now. And I’m happy to actually be starting to sew.

The bad news – as I drove home with my sewing machine, I began to feel ill. Headache, painful sinuses and some chills. And that hasn’t gotten any better as the evening wore on.

Quilt on and stay healthy!

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  1. So glad your baby is back! Not so happy that you’re feeling ill! Yogi cold season tea helped me a lot to get better, truly hope you find the remedy that soothes you! Feel better soon so you can tackle that wedding quilt of yours!

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