Shipshewana Quilt Festival 1 – Fangirling

Last Friday, three friends and I went to the Shipshewana Quilt Festival. This was the second time that Carolyn and I have gone down for the day. Amy and Stephanie joined us this year and a good time was had by all. There will be a few posts on this trip over the next couple of days.

Today I am playing the fangirl. Before I get to that, however, allow me to mention one of the biggest highlights of this trip. I got to meet Kathy Mathews of  Quilting, Sewing, Creating fame. We’ve known each other online for several years now, but this was our first in person meeting. I had asked the Twitter Facebook group whether anyone would be at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival because I was going on Friday. Kathy had replied that she usually goes on Saturday, so I didn’t expect to see her there. Near the end of our quilt show time, just prior to food, I heard a voice call my name and looked up to see Kathy. It was just like running into a friend I haven’t seen in a long time and I can’t wait to see her again sometime. I was sooooo excited! Can you tell from the picture? (I’m the short one.)

Now on to some quilts. Since I’m calling this part fangirling, we will start with some quilts by one of my favorite quilters, Margaret Solomon Gunn. You remember that I reviewed her book earlier, right? And how much I adore her quilting? Well, she had entered three quilts in the show. The first was Twisted Sister, which took first place in the Machine Quilted category.

Yes, those are hexagons that she made by hand. I’m sorry the zebra print around the outside of the hexagon flowers doesn’t really show up well, but you’ll just have to go see this for yourself someday. I did take some close-ups of the amazing quilting.

This quilting is amazing. Want to see it a little closer? Note, the clusters in between those feathers are hexagons, not circles.

Now that you’ve seen the borders, here is a bit of a look at the area between the hexagons. And some of the outsides of the hexagons too. Here it is!

This next quilt is one that I saw at the AQS Grand Rapids show last August. It is Ode to Spring, also by Margaret Solomon Gunn. It took First Place in the Mixed Media Large Category. 

And here is a little closeup of the quilting. I’m sorry it is a bit blurry. 

And the final Margaret Solomon Gunn quilt is Illuminations which took first place in the Pieced, Large category. This is the quilt in front of which Kathy and I are standing. And a couple of closeups of the quilting:

I hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I did.

One last fangirl quilt for this post, and then I’ll end this for now. I’m a fan of Claudia Pfeil’s quilts ever since the special exhibit of her quilts at the Grand Rapids AQS show a couple of years ago. She had one here this year. This is Fractal, an honorable mention in the Mixed Media Large category. They don’t show up well here, but there are 30,000 (yes, I said 30,000) Swarovski crystals along with all of the other embellishments. I have a feeling this quilt is very heavy. It is also very gorgeous.

I’ll post a few more quilts in a future post. In the meantime,

Quilt on!


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  1. Oh wow! Looks like you guys had a blast! I’m in Indiana…I usually go to this show, but couldn’t this year. Keep me in mind for next year 🙂

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