Shipshewana Quilt Festival – 2

Here are some more of my favorite quilts from the Shipshewana Quilt Festival.


This one is “Hope” by Ann Pigneri of Louisville, KY. Her description on the card says that there are 2500 crystals in six colors. IMG_4054

Here is one of the large Mariner’s Compass blocks which she added have 96 pieces. IMG_4056

This is “Fair Winds and Following Seas” by Cheryl DeRaad of Belmont, MI. Quilted by Jan Vander Meer.IMG_4057

Close up of another Mariner’s Compass.IMG_4088

Beverly Quemada of Kalamazoo, MI made this “Flower Baskets for Grandma.” It was quilted by Deb Noteboom. What you can’t tell from this picture (and I can’t believe I didn’t take a closeup) is that the baskets have 3D flowers in them. So cool.


This one is “Woven Journey” by Claudia Pfeil from Krefeld, Germany. I have seen many of Claudia’s quilts in person and I’m a big fan!IMG_4145

This is “Harmony’s Loop” by Suzy Webster of Apple Valley, MN. She adapted the center from an authentic Turkish Design.IMG_4151

“Summer Still Life” is by Judy Crandell of Dowagiac, MI, quilted by Lisa Houston. I love the calm look of this one.IMG_4153

I got to see “Silk Road Sampler” by Melissa Sobotka of Richardson, TX. It is one awesome quilt! It got a special award. Absolutely amazing quilt.IMG_4156

I am amazed at how many really modern quilts I am starting to love. This one is “It All Comes Around” by Karlyn Bue Lohrenz of Billings, Montana. It is lovely.IMG_4182

This one is “Beyond the Rainbow” by Brenda Roach of Bloomfield, IN. Note that the colors before the rainbow are neutrals and then, as they pass through the rainbow, the colors show up. IMG_4183

“Sunshine and Shadow – Turquoise” by Deborah Hyde of West Bloomfield, MI focuses on the Sunshine and Shadows block. If you haven’t noticed they even show up in the woman’s face.IMG_4194

“Robber’s Roost” was made by Joanne Baeth of Bonanza, OR.

So that’s it for today’s installment. I think I have one more in me.

Quilt on!