Shipshewana Quilt Festival 3 – More Appliqué Than You’ll Ever See Me Do

This time we will look at some gorgeous appliqué quilts. And, as the title says, you will never see me do this much appliqué in one quilt or over a lifetime, unless something drastically changes.

This first one is actually an in the hoop project from The Hoop Sisters. It is Sew and Seeds by Delphi Andrianson of Martin, MI. The original project was called Sewn and Seeds. And to be truthful, maybe someday I will try one of these Hoop Sisters projects with my embroidery machine.

This amazing appliqué quilt is Everywhere I Go by Ronda Stockton of Deer Park, TX. It was quilted by Cindy Gravely. The quilt was a wool appliqué block of the week by Lisa Bonjean of Primitive Gatherings.

This lovely quilt is Days of Wine and Roses, designed, made and quilted by Cathleen Miller of Albuquerque, NM. It is hand quilted and includes some trapunto and embroidery also. 

This is a Lori Smith design, Floral Delight, made and quilted by Pat Sims of Howe, IN. 

This is Homage to Sallie Ann by Gail H. Smith of Barrington, IL, quilted by Angela McCorkle. It is an adaptation of the 1850 Sallie Ann Nelson quilt. There are a couple closeups following because I just loved the way the appliqué and the quilting worked together.

I love the modern floral vibe in this one. It is My Fantasy Garden by Donna Mease of Derby, KS, quilted by Jan Hutchinson.

I feel like I have seen this quilt somewhere before, but I don’t know where. It is One Cake, Two Cake, Red Cake, Blue Cake by Linda Neal of McKinney, TX, quilted by Jackie Brown. It is such a happy quilt!
This one is Folk Art Album. It is hand appliquéd wool on flannel by Mary Lois Hill of Elizabethtown, KY. Nancy Gervais quilted it. I love the drama of black quilts (or borders) but sometimes they don’t show up well against black curtains at shows.

I am not usually attracted to 30s colors, but this fits the theme so well with the partial Dresdens and floral appliqué. I also fell in love with all the tiny tumblers. They are everywhere! All 3,500 of them. Hence the name, Tiny Tumbler Fun designed and made by Karen DeWitt of Park Forest, IL, quilted by Heather Broehm.

Okay, this does not exactly fit the title since I can almost see myself doing this much appliqué in a border, although I could draw the line at all those little grapes in the center. This one is Grape Arbor, made and quilted by Peggy Garwood of Fairfield Glade, TN. I love her color choices – and those pieced blocks!This one is My Little Brown Bird made by Claire Baker of Ridley Park, PA and quilted by Kathy Slater. This really does have more appliqué than I can ever picture myself doing! But it is gorgeous.
This one really caught my eye. It should probably have been included in the Winner’s Circle post since it did take first place in the Appliqué, Large category. This is Subtle Sixties, designed, made and quilted by Linda Roy of Knoxville, TN. It is so graceful. But more appliqué and embroidery than I can picture myself doing. 

Can you picture yourself doing any of these?

Quilt on!