Shipshewanna Quilt Festival – 1

Last Thursday, my friend Carolyn (AKA Careful Carolyn in this blog if nowhere else on earth) and I ventured to Shipshewana, Indiana to check out the quilt show there. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, maybe a comfortable sized local show, but it is actually more of an international show. (Maybe I should have realized this from the names of the lecturers and instructors, but I didn’t.)

I don’t know how many posts I am going to do about this show, but today’s post will be me being all Margaret Solomon Gunn fangirl. Because I am. I follow her blog and have seen many of these quilts through stages of quilting. And, of course, at the Grand Rapids Show. Do I want to quilt like her? I don’t think I have the patience. Plus most of my own quilts are for use not wall hangings. Would I own some of her quilts if money and space were no object – oh yeah!!!!!

On to the pictures.

This first picture is a quilt that was one of the first quilts we saw. We kind of started backwards, because after a long drive we had to hit the restroom first thing. I found myself admiring this quilt (come on, it’s blue & white, of course I did!) The quilt was made by Wendy Coffin of Rye, NH. Then I started to admire the quilting and checked out the card. Quilted by Margaret Solomon Gunn.

IMG_4059 IMG_4061 IMG_4062Then I ran into some of her own quilts – quilts I’ve seen at other shows or in pictures from other shows.


Bouquet RoyaleIMG_4185

The Jester’s FollyIMG_4188

From the Bride’s Trousseau

And that is enough fangirl for one day.

Quilt on!

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  1. Oh, WOW! There’s still something new under the sun! I’ve never heard of her, and totally get why you’re fangirling over her quilts. They are spectacular! Thank you so much for sharing, I will check her out.

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