Jun 28

Shipshewanna Quilt Festival – 1

Last Thursday, my friend Carolyn (AKA Careful Carolyn in this blog if nowhere else on earth) and I ventured to Shipshewana, Indiana to check out the quilt show there. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, maybe a comfortable sized local show, but it is actually more of an international show. (Maybe I should have realized this from the names of the lecturers and instructors, but I didn’t.)

I don’t know how many posts I am going to do about this show, but today’s post will be me being all Margaret Solomon Gunn fangirl. Because I am. I follow her blog and have seen many of these quilts through stages of quilting. And, of course, at the Grand Rapids Show. Do I want to quilt like her? I don’t think I have the patience. Plus most of my own quilts are for use not wall hangings. Would I own some of her quilts if money and space were no object – oh yeah!!!!!

On to the pictures.

This first picture is a quilt that was one of the first quilts we saw. We kind of started backwards, because after a long drive we had to hit the restroom first thing. I found myself admiring this quilt (come on, it’s blue & white, of course I did!) The quilt was made by Wendy Coffin of Rye, NH. Then I started to admire the quilting and checked out the card. Quilted by Margaret Solomon Gunn.

IMG_4059 IMG_4061 IMG_4062Then I ran into some of her own quilts – quilts I’ve seen at other shows or in pictures from other shows.


Bouquet RoyaleIMG_4185

The Jester’s FollyIMG_4188

From the Bride’s Trousseau

And that is enough fangirl for one day.

Quilt on!

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  1. Kati R.

    Oh, WOW! There’s still something new under the sun! I’ve never heard of her, and totally get why you’re fangirling over her quilts. They are spectacular! Thank you so much for sharing, I will check her out.

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