Some catching up on a Friday Night

Last weekend, Nonnie introduced me to 2015 Craftsy Block of the Month (w/ Jinny Beyer). Now the coolest thing about this is that this is free – unless, of course, you buy the fabric kit. Did I need the fabric kit for this? Umm, have you seen my basement? But it was on sale & I really like the pictured version of the quilt so:


And here are the beautiful Jinny Beyer fabrics that were in that package:



If you are interested in joining those of us who are doing this BOM, chat with us on Twitter or join the Flickr Group for the BOM.

Now on to other things that are happening around this frozen part of the world.

Today I finally got myself in hand and basted and started quilting this quilt for my son-in-law’s birthday (which is today, so, yes, it will be late).


Last week when I was sewing the last of the rows onto the quilt, I had an epiphany. I have been incredibly stupid for something like seven years now! Really! I kid you not. Here’s why (don’t look at the dirt under the desk, that’s not it!):


Have you figured it out yet? When I purchased this desk at Target around seven or eight years ago (but we’ll say seven so I don’t feel quite as stupid), I put my sewing machine on the left end of the desk. Why did I do that? I HAVE NO IDEA! It is probably something so simple as the fact that every other desk in this house has a set of drawers down the right side. Anyway, in this case, it has made my life (or at least my sewing life) much more difficult for the last few years. I could have had lots more space to the left of my machine if I’d only done this in the first place:


Yep, there’s now some room on the desk for the quilt to rest as I quilt it. Or for most of the top to rest as I piece. And did I mention how stupid I feel for not having thought of this before?

My other big excitement of the week is the arrival of this:


I so appreciate the fact that I could purchase this whole book from The Fat Quarter Shop without having to buy the fabric too. I’m pretty sure I can do most of this from batiks I have in my stash. The background maybe not so much but most of the rest of the quilt. I need to finish some things so I can start some new ones!!!!

What have you been up to?

Quilt on!

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  1. The BOM fabrics are beautiful! Good luck! Glad you got your sewing table set right! Lol!!

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