Some Finishing!

I finished 2 of my quilty resolution goals this week!!!

First, I completed Goal #1 – Completing the American Beauty BOM. It came back from the longarmer on Tuesday. I trimmed and made the binding and sewed it onto the front on Wednesday. There was a bit of concern about the original stripe fabric that was meant to be used. I would have liked it better if I’d had enough to make it a bias stripe. Then I remembered that extra pink floral I had to purchase after I made a mistake a few weeks ago. I had purchased way more than I needed, so I had enough to do the binding with it. I asked my Twilter friends for help with this decision.

IMG_2608Here’s a closer picture in case that helps more:


I was kind of leaning toward the pink, as were all of the Twilters who responded. Great minds think alike.

Thursday, Amazing Amy (whose favorite part of quilting is hand sewing the binding) and Careful Carolyn met me at church to hand sew the binding. Carolyn brought along a friend who was very cute but not very helpful.


There is a big table to rest the quilt on in the Sunday School classroom we used for this. You can’t really see the quilting here, but it’s a light green in a swirls and leafy looking things pantograph.


I took a close-up of one block hoping you could see the quilting, but not so much! Sorry.


After we completed the hand binding, I rushed home and through it in the washing machine and then the dryer. And here are the pictures of the finished quilt.


From another angle:IMG_2615

Hanging on the railing to make sure it is dry:IMG_2616

My other quilty resolution finish is #5 – I finished deconstruction my wedding gown. All of the lace is now off of the dress and currently soaking in Woolite. Do I know what I will do with it? Oh, heck no! But I have all that lovely lace, except the part that went around my daughter’s wedding bouquet. No pictures though.

So, this week feels very productive.

How was your week?

Quit on!

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