Stash Organization

These are the before pictures. They are pretty bad and not all of this is my stash. There are random papers of my husband’s scattered throughout. I know lots of people hope to get rid of rolling plastic carts and make beautiful studios. I will happily settle for organized rolling plastic carts and less clutter. Especially since at some point I am assuming my husband and I will be downsizing.

Usually there is a quilt on a frame in this space waiting for the hand quilting to be completed.

This is the Big WIP in my basement. I guarantee that progress is being made here.

Some fabric and patterns.

Yes, this is really ugly. I know.

The newish cutting table.

More fabric and batting.

And there you have it. The before pictures. Maybe tonight I will take some pictures of the progress so far. (Not that it really looks much different yet. But at least there are some sorted rolling carts!)

3 thoughts on “Stash Organization

  1. About two years ago I sorted and cleaned up my sewing room. I didn’t want those rolling drawers either – but you know what? I am so HAPPY with them! They clean up with mess and you can see through them, and they are cheap! And you can stack them and roll them around. Yep they are nice.

  2. I look forward to your progress pics! Rolling carts do have their place if used properly….I just emptied a six drawer cart out….it sat full of stuff I never used for years(threw it all out). Now I plan to use the drawers for fabric and WIP blocks for the Bee’s and QAL’s I’m participating in.

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