Stopping by on Sunday

I have a Fourth of July finish! This is exciting to me because life has kept me from doing a lot of sewing. After all, this project was slated to be completed prior to last weekend (June 27) before life (in the form of volunteer subbing several days in a secretarial capacity for our church) stepped in and left me with no time to do it.

Before I show off the great work of art, let me mention my trip to Chicagoland to dogsit for our granddog, Loki. Our eldest adopted Loki a couple of months ago and hoped to not have to kennel him while she was gone on a business trip because it just seemed like too soon. So Loki’s grandparents drove to area to keep him company while she was gone. We were there about 5 days, mostly just hanging out with Loki. I did get to visit with a Twilter friend, Carole and visit an awesome quilt shop, Quilter’s Quest.


Here we are at Quilter’s Quest!


Here is my fabric haul. The bottom fabric is a practice free motion quilting piece.


My Row by Row haul. Quilter’s Quest’s row is a vertical row! So cool.


My book haul. Yes, some paper-piecing geese may be on the horizon here. And a One-Block Wonder.


This fabric came from the trunk of Carole’s car! Yes, she has fabric she is giving away.

IMG_2785And here is the little guy looking for his mama!

Prior to leaving, I had hoped to make a bed for Loki. I had purchased and washed the fabric a couple of weeks ago and assumed that I’d have plenty of time to throw it together and take it with us when we went. Then I was needed elsewhere, so this weekend was the first chance I had to work on the dog bed.

The pattern I used is the Snooze Dog Bed pattern from Pellon’s site. (Yes, I did use the Pellon pet bed insert. I purchased it from JoAnn’s online. ) Yes, I layered the fabrics and quilted them together. Yes, I did some fusible appliqué.


In process


Finished appliqué.

I also had to put a zipper in. I haven’t done that in years and don’t feel like it went very well, but finished is better than perfect!


Finished bed!


I got to deliver it because my girls have invented a holiday known as Sisters’ Day and my eldest was staying at the youngest’s home with Loki so they could spend the time together. When I put the bed on the floor, he immediately got on and claimed it. Complete with a closed eye smile!IMG_2808

And an imitation of sleep.

What did you make this weekend?

Quilt on!

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