Sunday Evening Catch Up

If you missed the Craftsy supplies sale because I failed to post about it, I am so very sorry. It’s been a weird week.

But over the last couple weeks, I have done some quilting, other than the Surrounded by Scraps finish. For example:

I did a little bit on La Passacaglia during the knitting group get together almost two weeks ago now.

And I got some quilty mail this week. I really want to make this quilt, not that I know what I’ll do with it once it’s made.

And I did some work on the borders for the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. (In the picture I somehow thought these were much smaller pieces. 

I have high hopes that that 2014 Designer Mystery BOM will be a finished top by the end of the day tomorrow. I would like to have it completed and ready to gift by two weeks from today if possible.

What have you been up to?

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Catch Up

  1. In looking at your photo of doing the designer mystery challenge borders, it occurred to me what that laser would be good for: flippy corners. I am sure there are many uses 😉 but I have a quilt I am making with a lot of flippy corners and I don’t relish the idea of all that marking. It is probably not prudent to go buy a machine because of the laser, but at least I have an idea of whta I would use it for in the back of my mind if the opportunity were to arise.

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